Full-Service Contract Manufacturing

One Stop. One Shop. One Family.

Private-label supplements and skin care products are custom-tailored for your brand.

Our Mission

TriLabs is a complete cosmetics, chew, and pet treat contract supplier and manufacturer that will handle your product from start to finish. Our mission at TriLabs is to provide a high-quality, effective and reliable family of healthy and safe health products and private label supplements with exceptional customer service to match. We independently lab test our products with a third party to provide our clients with high quality products every time. We strive to offer high-quality customizable white-label products and private label supplements and other wholesale products possible.

 Compliance & Certification

TriLabs has been tested by 3rd party Laboratories to test our product profiles and potency to ensure that we create the best supplements, chews, and private label skin care products on the market. We’ll happily supply compliance and certification documentation by request.